Foundry Binders

BETONCHEM soluble silicates are used effectively as binders where heat stability or resistance to chemicals is required.  Silicate binders develop high green strength by air-setting without heat.  They also impart increased fired strength.  Consequently, air-setting specialties containing soluble silicates are used in refractory mortars and ramming, gunning, and patching mixes in practically all refractory or chemical-resistant construction and in their maintenance.
How It Works      
Silicates are used as binders to form molds and cores from sand, into which molten metal is poured. Sugars, carbohydrates and/or surfactants are usually added to the silicate to improve shakeout (removal of metal part from mold) and to obtain better sand reclamation. Silicates are mixed with sands and reacted with either CO2 gas or esters to set (acid-set systems). Silicates have these advantages:
Quick, strong set with easy-to-handle materials
Low VOCs during setting and pouring of metal
Work with a variety of sand types and metals
Easy storage and cleanup of materials
Environmentally friendly system
Foundry Molds and Cores
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